Treat yourself to an early Christmas Present, learn how to make beautiful lingerie courses at Birmingham School of Sewing


Come and whilst you learn to make lingerie, Bras, Camisoles, Knickers, suspender belts.  Learn how to apply lace and applique lace, learn how to sew on the bias and much more.  Go on treat yourself

one day bra making or 3 day lingerie making including bra

Sunday Sewing for Christmas : Make a Teddy Bear or Memory Bear Course at Birmingham School of Sewing

Sunday Sewing :  Sunday 6th December Join us for Mince Pies, coffee and sewing fun!


Sunday Sewing. This is a course for adults to learn how to make a simple Memory Bear.  A great course for beginners and also for more advanced sewers. Perfect as a gift or keep it yourself. Simplified pattern pieces are used in order for you to be able to complete a teddy bear in this 3 hour course. You will make the bear and learn how to fit safety eyes.  Bring items of clothing that you want to make your bear in. All equipment, safety eyes and stuffing will be supplied.   We will supply fabric for those of you who do not want to make a memory bear and prefer to make the teddy bear. You will leave with the confidence and knowledge to make up further teddy bear projects when you return home.


SAVE £20, BRING A FRIEND FOR ONLY £35.00  You will each take home your beautiful bears.

All equipment, materials, fabric, safety eyes and stuffing provided  for Teddy Bear or (Bring your own garments to make your memory bear with).

6 places available

Teddy Bear Course click here for more detailed information





I am finally having that clearance that I promised.  Buy fabrics at much reduced prices.  I need the space so now is the time to grab a bargain.  Click here to direct you to the sale.

Sew your own memory bear or teddy bear in time for Christmas

It’s so lovely outside. Is this really the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. We have a great course on Tuesday 6th September. Come along and make a teddy bear, either as a Christmas gift or simply for someone special. Have you ever wanted to make a memory bear using the clothing from someone close to you, someone you have lost. This course is also suitable for beginners, if you can use a sewing machine. For memory bears bring along your own fabrics everything else if provided. For teddy bears we supply the fabric.

Sew your own Bikini course

Have you always wanted to make your own bikini.  Well know you can.  In only 4 hours you will make a lovely bikini and once your have made one you won’t be able to stop.

For more information click the link below

Make your own Bikin Course Monday 13th August 2018

Sew you want to sew your own Bikini

If you have ever wanted to sew your own bikini then join us on Monday 13th August 2018 and you can do just that!  You would learn how to sew with stretch lycra, sew swimwear elastic and make your own trendy bikini.  All materials supplied so you only have to bring yourself and a friend if you like.  Click here for more detailed information

Sewing T-shirts and Stretch Fabrics


I have made so many T-shirts this summer for my daughter, granddaughter and grandson.  I have even found time to make one for myself.

If you have always wanted to learn how to sew a T-Shirt you still have time. Join us on Monday 23rd July from 6.30pm Make a T-Shirt for yourself or for a child.   Learn how to sew stretch fabrics and sew a professional neckline.    All materials are provided.

Click here for more detailed information

Learn how to sew a shirred summer top, sew quick sew simple, sew on trend

Learn how to make a quick and easy summer top at Birmingham School of sewing.  The course is running on Thursday 12th July 2018.  Please email for more details.

Learn how to sew children’s clothes







Summer is definitely here, and these lovely, easy to sew skirts are ideal for children to wear with T-shirts.   Once you have learned to make them you can sew them in only a couple of hours.  Decorate a plain T-shirt, with an appliqued heart and the matching set will be a delight for any small girl.  You can make them in sizes 2-7.  Join us on 2nd August to learn how to make them.

Click here for more detailed information about the course

Sewing shirred summer dresses

Shirring is a very old technique.  I remember one Saturday afternoon, when I was 11 years old, walking up to a shop which had a rail filled with summer dresses handing from it.  There was a cardboard sign on the rail,  people required to sew from home, very easy sewing.  I was a very shy child, I very rarely spoke (I know that will be very difficult to believe for those of you who know me), however,  I convinced my mom to take me into the small old fashioned shop and ask the owner if I could be considered.  I hid behind my mom as she asked, just in case the lady told her no.    I still remember the way she looked at me when my mom asked on my behalf.   “Can you sew?” she asked, “oh yes” I replied, “I love sewing, I make lots of my clothes but I haven’t sewn with elastic before”.   “Oh, that’s easy” she responded, hearing my enthusiastic voice and looking into my face”.  She asked me if I had a sewing machine and again I quickly replied with pride, “yes, I use my grandmothers singer treadle sewing machine”.  The lady told me it was very simple to sew rows of shirring and  proceeded to explain.  To be honest, I can’t remember how much I got paid; this all happened way back in 1970.   I think it was about one shilling per dress.


She had already cut out the fabric, I was to hem the top and sew the rows of shirring.  She wanted to give me 2 pieces of fabric so that she could see the quality of my work,however I remember convincing her into giving me 6.  I lost all my shyness when it came to sewing.  She gave me a sample dress so that I could measure the length of the shirring and for me to see what the finished dress would look like.  Looking back she probably thought she had made a huge mistake.   I remember that moment being one of the happiest moments of my life.  I was going to be paid to do something that I absolutely loved!  I bundled the fabric into my mom’s shopping bag and excitedly walked home with her.  I thought I was going to burst with excitement.  Once home the sewing began and I rarely left the old treadle machine until the dresses were done.  Mom helped me to fold up the panels and we proudly took them back to the lady.  I remember she was surprised at the speed and neatness of my work.  She regularly gave me more panels to sew throughout the summer.

The design of those dresses is exactly the same design as the children’s dresses that I have been making for my grand daughter.  In fact it was making these dresses that reminded me of ‘my first job’.  I had made her these summer dresses since she was about 18 months old but I didn’t remember the story then.  It’s surprising what we remember as we get older.  I made my grand daughter the blue gingham cotton dress which she loved.  I asked

her if she would like another one and she told me she had had a blue one when she was a baby and it was her favourite dress.  It certainly was, my daughter had asked me to hide it one winter 2 years ago, as she had insisted on wearing it to preschool.  Not only was the summer dress inappropriate to wear on cold days it was also too tight for her  I had made it the previous year and she had grown out of it.

My daughter came to visit with my grand daughter last week.  My grand daughter had been poorly  at school and was sent home.  My daughter was asked not to take her back to school for 2 days.  As soon as she walked through the door there was a quick hello granny followed by can we sew today.  Of course you can sew a dress.  I cut out the exact same blue fabric that she had liked so much.  Explained to her how to hem the top of it and then explained how the shirring worked.  I threaded up the machine, set up the foot stool with the machine foot on it so that she could reach it and she started sewing.    My daughter spend the day sewing her own alterations whilst I worked on my own projects.  What a lovely day was had by the 3 of us.  Three generations of women working together from age 6 to age 60.

She has completed 3 rows of shirring.  Watch this space to see more information as she progresses with the dress.

If you would like to learn how sew shirring there is a course on Thursday 12th  July 2018.  You will make a child’s dress, however once you have learned the techniques there are many things you can make as shirring can be sewn in lots of places from dresses, skirts, sleeves, cushions as well as children’s wear.  For more information about the course click here